Parks Sales Tax

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On August 3, 2021, voters approved a half-cent sales tax to help restore and improve our green spaces, parks, and parks facilities to provide safe, ADA-compliant and desirable quality of life amenities for our residents and help maintain them for our future generations.

Did you know...

  • The parks tax has a 10-year sunset; voters must approve the continuation of this half-cent sales tax in ten years.
  • The 10-year parks tax will generate $50-60 million in revenue. The revenue generated will be used only for specific parks projects that have been identified by the citizens committee.
  • Approximately 42% of sales tax is paid by those who don't live here but use our parks and other amenities when visiting our community. 
  • The cost is one-half cent on every $1 spent. On a $10 purchase, it is an additional 5 cents. On a $100 purchase, it is an additional 50 cents. On a $200 purchase, it is an additional $1.
  • The priority areas are green spaces, equipment, indoor and outdoor facility infrastructure, maintenance and aquatics. Major projects include improvements to Krug Park, Hyde Park, Bode Sports Complex, Noyes Complex, Northside Complex, the addition of an east side park and a dog park, improvements to Phil Welch Stadium, Civic Arena. Missouri Theater, Fairview Golf Course, aquatics, park restrooms, ball field lighting, and sidewalks through the park system. 

Project List (PDF)

Parks Tax Project Schedule (PDF)

Committee Members: Ben Burnett, Chris Clark, Robert Dempster, Scott Mooney, Brenda O'Meara, Dennis Rosonke, Terry Turbak, Peggy Voltz