Personnel Board


Meetings are held at least four times a year on call of the chairman, upon call signed by any three members, upon call by the human resources manager, or by call of the city manager.


There are five members appointed by the mayor and council for five-year terms.

  • Audrey Cravatt
    Term expires on January 18, 2027
  • Mike Cazel
    Term expires on January 15, 2029
  • Lanny Ellis
    Term expires on January 19, 2026
  • Diana Slater
    Term expires on January 20, 2025
  • Tracy Fender
    Term expires on January 17, 2022

About the Board

Advises the Council and City administration on matters involving the administration of personnel; review and recommend to the Council the merit system rules; hear appeals from disciplinary actions and make recommendations thereon; and shall have such other power and duties as may be provided by the City Charter, by ordinance or by the Personnel Code.