River Bluff Trails Park

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Located among the bluffs of the Missouri River in the northern part of St. Joseph, the River Bluff Trails Park system offers a recreational escape to bikers, joggers, hikers and all who love to explore nature. The park boasts miles and miles of multiuse cross-country trails and dedicated biking trails including numerous downhill runs and flow lines. From youth skill zones to expert-only drops and gaps, there’s something for all rider levels. Boulder-lined pathways meander along the ridges with scenic overlooks to enjoy relaxing sunsets over the beautiful Missouri River and Kansas skyline. Adjoining the Sunbridge Hills Conservation Area, the trail system calls to anyone seeking adventure.

The Trails

The River Bluff Trails Park consists of a central gravel pathway (closed to vehicles) providing access to hard pack dirt and rock trails with scattered loose elements. There are many one-way downhill trails with jumps, gaps and drop features requiring a high level of skill. Remember, what goes down must climb back up. Return trails may contain steep climbs with tight winding turns. Some trails along the outer edge of the bluffs have steep drop-offs. Always use caution.

River Bluff Trails Park merchandise can be purchased at the Remington Nature Center, located at 1502 MacArthur Drive.

Trail Conditions Rainout Hotline

The River Bluff Trails Park is an unstaffed facility. Ride and explore at your own risk.