Support Services

Support Services

The Support Services Division is responsible for a wide array of functions integral to the department's ability to complete its mission. They serve primarily as unit supervisors in the division in the areas of crime prevention, crime analysis, training, communication center manager and grants coordinator. Civilian staff are hired to fill positions requiring more specific skills such as communications operators, computer network administrator, vehicle maintenance technicians and records clerks. It is the goal of the division to continue to provide quality services in a professional manner by constantly evaluating the changing needs of the department and the community, and to manage the resources available to us in the most effective and efficient means possible. The unit includes an Armorer, Booking Officers, the Chaplain Corp, the Communications Center, Crime Analysis, Crime Prevention, Evidence, Fleet Maintenance, Grants Coordinator, Police Records, Police Training, Teleserve and volunteer opportunities.

Communications Center

The Communications Center not only processes incoming calls, but also completes numerous activities in support of personnel, such as dispatching and monitoring emergency responders, contacting and relaying pertinent information to the field, and entering want/warrant information into MULES/NCIC. The center serves the St. Joseph Police Department, Buchanan County Sheriff's Department, St. Joseph Fire Department, and five Buchanan County Rural Fire Departments. The center is also involved with the 911 For Kids educational program. If you need to report an emergency, please call 911. If you need to report a non-emergency or are requesting general police information or fire assistance, please call 816-271-4777. When emergencies strike, it is important that we are able to reach a responsible party for your home or business. To update your contact information with the St. Joseph Communications Center, email Police Communications Center, or fill out the Emergency Contact Information Update form.

Crime Analysis

The crime analysis function is a set of systematic analytical processes directed to provide timely and pertinent information relevant to crime patterns and trend correlation(s). The intent of the process is to assist operational and administrative personnel with planning and deployment of resources in order to prevent and suppress criminal activities. Crime analysis supports a number of department functions, including patrol, traffic, special operations, criminal investigations, research and development of new techniques, crime prevention, and administration. Sgt. Chris McBane is the crime analyst for the Saint Joseph Police Department. 


The Training Unit is responsible for maintaining commissioned and civilian employees' training, both mandatory and voluntary, and the records thereof. Besides mandatory department training, which occurs approximately four times a year, officers and civilian employees attend numerous outside training events, usually in their fields of interest. Besides department and outside training, the police department conducts some type of Roll Call training every week. Roll Call training, which by its nature is given before officers go out on the streets to begin their shift, is used for updates in department policies, procedures, updates in State laws or city ordinances, and generally anything else that would benefit the officers and their ability to do their job. Officers are required by Missouri's Department of Public Safety to attain and maintain a certain number of training hours in certain areas every three years. If you have any questions regarding training issues or bringing training to the St. Joseph Police Department, please contact Sgt. Gross at 816-232-7276 or email the training officer.


The Armorer is responsible for the repair and maintenance of all department-owned firearms. All firearms need to be serviced and detailed on a regular basis, depending on the exact gun. The Armorer is responsible for all firearms training, preparing qualification courses, and maintaining firearms records. He also maintains the department's outdoor training facility.