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Fire Discharge Safety

Portable fuel containers are one of the leading causes of static-caused fires - gasoline fumes are volatile. Static electricity can create a spark that could cause a fire, if it’s near gasoline fumes.

Every time you pump gasoline, a charge of electricity builds up on gasoline as it flows through a pipe or hose and this charge takes anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes to dissipate after the gasoline has reached the tank or container.

Here is how to fill your vehicle, or portable fuel container, safely:

  1. Turn off your ignition.
  2. Do not smoke while fueling.
  3. Touch a metal body part of the vehicle before removing the gas cap.
  4. Do not re-enter your vehicle while fueling.
  5. If you do re-enter, touch a metal part of the vehicle once you are out of the vehicle.
  6. Keep the nozzle in contact with the fill neck at all times while fueling.
  7. Remove portable containers from the vehicle and place them on the ground a safe distance from the vehicle while filling them.
  8. Keep nozzle in contact with the container until finished fueling.

Placing a portable fuel container on the ground makes it easier for the electrical charge to escape.