Clinic Services

City of St. Joseph Health Department clinic services are located on the first floor of Patee Market Health Center in Suite B. Services are free unless otherwise noted. 

Clinic services include:

  • Immunizations - All immunizations for infants, children and adults, including COVID-19 and limited RSV vaccines, are available at no cost. Health insurance is accepted, but not required. Call 816-271-4725 for vaccine availability. Please bring insurance cards if applicable. The responsibility for copayments falls to the insured and is reveiwed prior to receiving vaccine. 
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Testing and Treatment - Tuberculosis Skin Tests are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays and Fridays for $12. Latent Tuberculosis infection and Active Tuberculosis Disease treatment, case management and directly observed therapy are offered by the Health Department for those who qualify. 
    • In some cases, individuals who do not qualify for free medications pay a small fee out of pocket at a pharmacy; case management is provided at no charge. 
  • Pregnancy Testing and Prenatal Case Management - Pregnancy testing is available for women who may be pregnant. Eligible pregnant women receive assistance applying for Medicaid. Case management is a program that provides educational services regarding pregnancy. Baby and Me Tobacco Free Program is offered to pregnant women who use tobacco or quit for pregnancy. To qualify, a pregnant woman is not required to be a client in any other health department program and can benfit by staying tobacco free and earning vouchers (up to $400 per person or $700 with a partner who also quits using tobacco).
  • Lead Case Management - Case management is offered for individuals under the age of 6 years old who have a lead level higher than 3.5 mg/dL. Education regarding the dangers of lead poisoning, prevention and cleaning of a lead contaminated environment can be offered on a one-on-one or community scale as requested. 
  • Community Health - We offer testing for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HIV, Syphilis through urine and blood tests and offer treatment for chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis. Testing is performed by appointment and costs $10. Call 816-271-4725 to schedule an appointment. We refer HIV case management to Andrew County Health Department, the regional provider of this service for northwest Missouri.
  • Child Care Health Consultation enables nurses to provide on-site, interactive education to child care providers, children and their families. 
  • Blood pressure checks can be performed as requested with results reported to the individual. 
  • Communicable and contagious disease - All reportable communicable diseases are investigated by Health Department staff. The staff tracks Flu cases, heat and hypothermia cases, and many others including E. Coli, Measles and Strep Pneumo. Staff monitors for potential risks of outbreak and reports to the State of Missouri and CDC. The Health Department serves as a resource regarding prevention, containment and control for communicable disease for Health Care Professionals and our community.
  • Health fairs and other outreach activities - By request. Free to the public.