The purchasing division, of the Finance Department, works to procure the necessary supplies, equipment, and services at the lowest possible cost consistent with the quality needed to meet the requirements of the departments, and that the taxpayers receive the maximum value for each dollar expended. All qualified vendors are invited to share in the volume of purchases consisting of nearly every conceivable kind of merchandise and service. No political or other prejudicial consideration governs the award of orders or contracts; rather, every purchase is made in the public's interest providing all vendors a fair and equal opportunity. The city of St. Joseph has a centralized accounts payable system which processes payments of invoices for all city departments.

Sales Representative Visits

Visits by sales representatives are welcomed and encouraged. It is recommended that you schedule your visits by calling 816-271-5330 for appointments in order to more productively utilize the time of both buyer and sales person.

Accounts Payable

The City of St. Joseph has a Centralized Accounts Payable System which processes payments of invoices for all city departments.

Procurement Policy (PDF)