Building List 1872

The following is the 1872 list of buildings constructed and designed by St. Joseph architects and builders. Some very important historic properties are on this list:

  • Tootle Opera House
  • The Krug Residence at Pine Ridge
  • Designs for Mount Mora and Oakland Cemeteries
  • St. Patrick's Church

Thankfully these historic properties remain with us. Sadly, Col. I.G. Kappner's fine residence on Edmond St. with an astronomy room and an orangery (conservatory / greenhouse) are now gone.


You'll notice that St. Joseph architects not only designed buildings in this city but elsewhere in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and Dakota Territory. W. Angelo Powell for instance is listed as designing fireproof county buildings in Columbia, Missouri. This is especially interesting because during the period 1847 to 1853 he worked in Washington, D. C. on the staff of Robert Mills, Architect of Public Buildings. Mills had in 1836 designed the new U.S. Treasury Building which was innovative in its fireproof design. (The previous Treasury Building was destroyed by arson.) View the 1872 Building List (PDF).