City Listings

Air Pollution & Quality

For information, call 816-271-4636.

Animal Shelter

For information, call 816-271-4876.

Birth Certificates

If you were born in the state of Missouri after 1920, you can obtain your birth certificate by calling 816-271-4636.

Building Inspections / Regulations & Permits

For information, call 816-271-4751, or to obtain a permit, go to Room 106, City Hall.


Open burning is only legal during specified time periods only. For information, call 816-271-4636.

Bus Route Schedules / Information & Passes

For information, call 816-233-6700.

City Council

For information on City Council, call the city clerk at 816-271-4730.

City Council Meetings

For information when City Council meetings are held, call the city clerk's office at 816-271-4730. Council meetings are broadcast live on cable channel 19 and streamed online.

City Prosecutor

For assistance with matters only in municipal court, call 816-271-4688.

Death Certificates

For deaths occurring in the state of Missouri after 1980, call 816-271-4636.


For information on communicable and contagious diseases, call clinic services at 816-271-4725.

Garage Sale License / Permit

To obtain a garage sale permit, go to customer service, Room 101A, City Hall.


Fairview Golf Course is located at 33rd and Pacific Streets. To schedule a tee time, driving range or lessons, call 816-271-5350.

Handicapped Parking Signs

For more information about obtaining handicapped parking signs, call 816-271-4653.

HIV Health Education

For more information, call 816-271-4659.

Important Phone Contacts

Phone Number(s)
Case Management Numbers816-271-4636 or 816-271-4684
STD Clinic816-271-4725 or 816-271-4636
Missouri1-800-533-AIDS (1-800-533-2437)
Federal Hotline1-800-342-AIDS (1-800-342-2437)
TDD1-800-AIDS-TDD (1-800-243-7883)

Historic Districts & Landmarks

For information, contact the historic preservation planner at 816-271-4797.

Housing Rehabilitation

The housing rehabilitation division provides opportunities through historic preservation and low interest loans. For more information, call 816-271-4609.


Free immunization for adults and children are offered at the health clinic. For information, call 816-271-4725.


Dangerous Buildings816-271-4751

Job Service of Missouri

Call 816-387-2380.


For more information, call 816-253-1120.

Licenses / Permits

  • Alarm: 816-271-4751
  • Building: 816-271-4751
  • Bus Pass: 816-233-6700
  • Business: 816-271-4751
  • Demolition: 816-271-4751
  • Dog/Cat Tag: 816-271-4877
  • Dumpster: 816-271-4751
  • Electrical: 816-271-4751
  • Fence: 816-271-4656
  • Food & Drink: 816-271-4757
  • Hauling: 816-271-4751
  • Liquor: 816-271-4757
  • Marriage: 816-271-1437
  • Mechanical: 816-271-4751
  • Occupational: 816-271-4751
  • Parade: 816-271-4757
  • Parking: 816-271-4760
  • Septic Tank: 816-271-4636
  • Signs: 816-271-4656
  • Special Events: 816-271-4757
  • Street Closure: 816-271-4751

Mayor's Office

Call 816-271-4640 for assistance.

Municipal Court

For court information, call 816-271-4686.

Neighborhood Services

For assistance in forming neighborhood groups or solving neighborhood problems, call 816-271-4620.

Park Building & Grounds Maintenance

For information, call 816-271-5504.

Patee Market Health Center

The public health clinic is located at 904 South 10th Street. For information, call 816-271-4725.

Planning & Zoning

For information inside the city limits, call 816-271-4648. For outside the city limits but in Buchanan County, call 816-271-1429.

Police Department

  • Teen Hotline: 816-676-CHAT (676-2428)
  • TIPS Hotline: 816-238-TIPS (238-8477)
  • Report by phone: 816-271-4782 or 816-271-4692

Recycling Center

Located at 3405 South Belt Highway. For information, call 816-232-4401.

Sanitary Sewer Stoppage

If you have sewer back-up or stoppage, contact sewer maintenance division at 816-271-4848.

Septic Tank Complaints or Questions

For information, call the environmental health and food safety division at 816-271-4636.

Sewer Charges

For information on sewer charges, call utility billing services at 816-271-4773.


For information on cuts/inspections, traffic signal maintenance, signs, potholes, site obstruction, snow removal, or sweeping, contact the streets maintenance division at 816-271-4848.

Tickets (Moving Violations)

For information, call municipal court at 816-271-4686.

Tickets (Parking)

For information, call 816-271-4760.

Trash & Debris

Contact the property maintenance division to make a complaint at 816-271-5342.


For trees located in the public right-of-way, contact street division at 816-271-4848. Trees on private property are a matter between property owners. Private trees are a city matter if they endanger the traveling public.

Weeds & Tall Grass

The maximum allowable height for weeds and grass is seven inches. For information or to make a complaint, call property maintenance division at 816-271-5342.