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What if my child tests positive for lead?
Should a child test positive for lead, there are things that can be done to limit their exposure to lead.

  • Wash the child’s hands and face often, especially before snacks, meals and bedtime.

  • Wash the child’s bed linens often to make sure they are clean.

  • Wash toys when they become dusty or dirty.

  • Place newspapers and magazines out of a child’s reach (there may be lead in the ink).

  • Keep children away from painted surfaces, especially those that are peeling and chipping.

  • Wipe down painted surfaces with a high phosphate detergent and wet-mop floors weekly.

  • Seal off remodeling areas and keep children and pets away from this area.

  • Prevent children from playing in dirt next to painted houses or buildings. Plant grass or shrubs in this area if possible.

  • Remind family members to shower and change clothes before coming home if they work around lead-contaminated areas such as battery plants, automobile repair shops, craft shops where they are using stained glass, bait & tackle shops, etc. Wash their clothes separate from the rest of the family, especially the children’s clothes.

  • Keep children from chewing or sucking on items unless you are certain they are non-toxic.

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