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The material in this question and answer series is for your information only. It is not legal advice and is not designed to be used in place of legal advice. You should consult your own attorney for legal advice. The St. Joseph Legal Department provides this series to provide a general summary of procedures concerning violations of city ordinances in the City of St. Joseph, Missouri. It is issued to inform generally, not to advise of specific rights. As with any general information, the answers given here may not specifically apply to you.
During the storm last night, I had a limb blow down in my yard. I cut it up and placed it on the curb. Will the Street Division pick it up for me?
The Street Division will pick up what has fallen in the street. The tree or limb will be cut off at the curb or ditch line. The rest of the tree or limb is the property owner’s responsibility to dispose of. Only when widespread damage occurs and only at the direction of the City Manager, the Street Division may pick up trees and brush from yards if they were placed at the curb.

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1. Where can I purchase a culvert pipe to go across my driveway?
2. My street was resurfaced just 5 years ago. There is nothing wrong with it. Why are you closing it to put a Micro Seal on it?
3. My street looks like it needs to be resurfaced. How can I find out if it is on the list to be done?
4. My alley is full of ruts from the heavy rains. It needs to be graveled. Will the City furnish the gravel it needs?
5. During the storm last night, I had a limb blow down in my yard. I cut it up and placed it on the curb. Will the Street Division pick it up for me?
6. The curb and gutter in front of my house is full of leaves and grass clippings. I called the Street Division over a month ago. Why won’t they come out when I call and sweep the street?
7. My first question is how long is the street repair list? The second question is whom do I have to know to get my street fixed?
8. I need to have warning signs to slow down traffic for children. Will the City put them up?
9. I hit a hole on a railroad crossing. Is the Street Division responsible for patching it?
10. I understand the City has a curb and sidewalk program, but I don’t know whom to call to find out about it?
11. When I stop at an intersection with traffic signals, why don't I get a green light every time they change?
12. How do I report a malfunction of a traffic signal?
13. How do I get a permit to close a street, sidewalk, or get a dumpster?
14. In a 2 Hour Block Zone, if I park on one side of the street can I move my vehicle to the other side of the street and start my 2 hours over again?
15. If I receive a parking ticket and don't agree with it what can I do?
16. Who is responsible for cleaning dirty inlets?
17. What is your crew doing in our neighborhood?